Sky Education Services for Achieving Your Goals

100% Student Counselling

With years of experience in consulting successful students, we provide free counselling and information to all students based on their specific qualifications, criteria and the particular students needs and preferences. In addition to counselling and information provided, our other services are free of charge. Counselling sessions are inclusive of information on world-class universities, most leading courses for bachelor and masters, scholarships, visa and application process and more.

University Selections

Sky Education represents world-class universities in United Kingdom.(England,Wales, Scotland,Northern Ireland). Students get the opportunity to select the study destination preferred to pursue higher studies. There are many numbers of courses and options offered at universities in United Kingdom. At Sky Education students are guided in selecting the most suitable university upon rankings, location, courses and budget. All information on separate requirements will be provided individually.

Free Application Guidance

It is a hassle-free process with Sky Education on your Visa and application. Sky Education team will assist students with selecting universities and in applying to suitable courses.